Yesterday, Mike Shaver asked me if I wanted to code the Developer/Reviewer/Admin panels for Remora. Right now, the public face of is in version 2.0 and the developer pages are in 1.0. Remora is 3.0 of everything and is going to be launched with Firefox 2 with a design and image makeover to get people more interested in Firefox Add-Ons. It will feature more user feedback, such as Amazon-style reviews and forums, as well as localization for Mozilla’s large international base.

The Remora team has been coming up with the database and plans for the public pages for awhile and a design firm (the same that revamped Firefox’s default skin for 2.0) is doing the new layouts. But no work has been done on the developer/reviewer/admin pages. Today I accepted the task, as I cannot continue to fix 1.0 and 2.0 bugs knowing that 3.0 will replace them anyway.

Remora is to utilize CakePHP, which I have heard of but knew nothing about. I have since been reading the manual and preparing for how I’m going to tackle this project, scheduled to be released in late September.