First Day Misadventures

Overall, I really like the new apartment. There are a few annoyances, like it still being under construction, our TV still not working, late night noise, and nearby shootings.

I am faced with 3 equally bad choices for getting to and from my classes. My apartment is at northgate. Almost all of my classes are in CEBA. This morning I decided to see how bad it would be walking. 23 minutes later, covered in sweat, I decided I would not be walking to CEBA again soon. I then tried my second option: CATS. My 3:30 class got out at 4:15. I arrived at my apartment at 5:15.

All 3 times I was on the bus, the same driver was typing on her blackberry thing the whole time. I was comforted in knowing that if we were to get in an accident, we’d win.

It looks like I will be utilizing option 3 way more frequently than I thought: driving. I decided to get a parking permit just in case, and I’m very glad I did. I think medical permit parking is worse than regular parking… you are fighting for very few PARALLEL spots.