Firefox, as usual

Did you know that a firefox is actually a type of panda? Take a look, they are extremely cute.

Business Week is running an article about Firefox marketing: Mozilla Goes Mainstream. It’s fairly interesting. You may also be interested to see concept art of the Firefox logo here.

If you ever want to get really mad, read some of the reasons people are uninstalling Firefox. Sigh. Most of them can be answered with one of the following:

  • Firefox loads slower than IE because much of IE is built into Windows because… they are both made by Microsoft
  • One of the things that makes Firefox great is it’s uncluttered. If you want a feature, there is probably an extension for it. But it’s not likely to be added to the browser itself. If you want a browser that you get lost in, try SeaMonkey.
  • That has absolutely nothing to do with Firefox.
  • You’re retarded.

I have been working on AMO/Remora in most of my free time, but unfortunately I haven’t had much free time this week. Tomorrow is my last day of work, so after that I should have more time to finally make some substantial progress on the Developer Control Panel.

For more info on Remora development, check out Mike Morgan’s blog post. And contrary to what is stated there, as the author of that logo I can confidently tell you that the fish is not giving birth to those add-ons, it is something else.