Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth

I’m still sick

I became sick last Tuesday and missed class Wed-Fri last week. That sucked, but it doesn’t look like it will be too hard to catch up. At least until I miss school this week (see below). My throat problems are mostly cleared up now… nose is still a little messy, and ear infection is in full swing. Since childhood, every time I get sick I get an ear infection.

Firefox Tabling

I’m thinking about setting up a table at Free Speech Alley or inside CEBA or somewhere for a day to encourage Firefox use. Before I talk to Mozilla and Computing Services about it, I wanted to see if any of you would be interested in helping. This won’t be the level of activism at Oregon State University (who hosts the mozilla server farm, helps with firefox weather balloons, sidewalk paintings, and crop circles) or Seneca College (who has an Open Source major and a class devoted to Mozilla), but it’s a start.

What I’m thinking is getting a few laptops from OCS and putting Firefox 2.0RC1 (or RC2 or actual 2.0 depending on when this happens). Hopefully Moz can send some free stuff like stickers and pens and maybe some display thing, and people can test out Firefox (or the new features in Firefox 2). So anyway, let me know if you’d be willing to sit at the table or something.

Surgical Procedures

I will be out of town Wednesday night – Friday or Saturday. I am going to Houston for 2 surgical procedures. My left elbow and right ankle have always had problems, and in 1994 and 1999, I had arthroscopic synovectomies that sucked out the bad stuff in my synovial lining. Those were week-long trips to Atlanta and required a good bit of recovery time and PT. The new method is a radionuclide synovectomy which involves injecting a radioactive isotope (P32) into the joints and letting it eat away the bad stuff. It should be outpatient and require no recovery, assuming it doesn’t spread anywhere it’s not supposed to.

Blog Localization

As if anyone will use this, I was playing with rewrites the other day and you can now get my blog translated into various languages by typing the 2 letter locale code. For example, http://fligtar.com/fr or es or de or it.