State of the Projects

I’ve been trying to balance all of the different projects I’m working on right now. I get an e-mail a day about the same bug in Password Exporter that I need to fix, feature requests for FavLoc, anywhere from 30-100 emails about AMO/Remora stuff, and other projects that don’t email me but give me imaginary puppy faces when I think about them.

Active projects status:

  • Password Exporter – Finished version 1.0.6 tonight, waiting on translations into the 17 languages it’s now in. Hit 35,000 downloads recently.
  • FavLoc – Need to add support for a new Firefox 2 window, but having trouble finding time as there are similar extensions now.
  • AMO/Remora – Trying to work on as much as possible. We’ve passed our deadline several times now. I really need to finish the Review Queue, go back and add some stuff to Add Item, then port those changes to Edit Item/Version. I’m hoping I’ll be able to work on during any free time at the summit. (bugs todo and already done)
  • Startup Authenticator – A few people have reported that they still are shown the login page after they login and it tells them that they’re already logged in. Need to work on a fix for that.
  • Degree Analyzer – New project that I’m eager to work on, but as it’s new and unreleased, trying to spend my time on more important things.
  • ENS – New web startup idea. I’m supposed to be working on the prototype while Mike finishes up the business model and checks out the legality and maybe files patents. When (if) remora is ever finished, this is what I will mainly be working on, minus some occasional AMO bugfixes for a change of scenery. Can’t really talk about this one.
  • – I redid the formatting and layout of my blog and plan on posting more frequently.
  • – I started to setup a planet fligtar site but didn’t finish the styling. I guess it doesn’t matter much since it’s for me and I’m using it for RSS which doesn’t show styling. If you’re not familiar with the planet system, it’s a feed aggregator of everyone on it’s subscription list so that readers can subscribe to one RSS feed and get everyone’s updates – or if you don’t like RSS, you can just go to the site. That + Livejournal crosspost eliminates my hesitations about switching to a real blog on my site. I just added Jeremy and myself, but if you have a non-LJ blog that you’d like added, feel free to let me know.

Not much going on this week in school now. I have a presentation in Business Communication on Monday and an exam in Business Statistics, but from Tuesday through Saturday I’ll be in Mountain View, California rediscovering the web in person.