Firefox Summit, Day 1

Tuesday (yesterday) was the day volunteers were supposed to arrive at the Mozilla Firefox Summit in Mountain View, California. To make a long story short, my original flight from Baton Rouge was delayed and then canceled, so I had to take a different flight which caused me to have to take a different flight from Atlanta to San Francisco. But I made it, at last.

The car ride from SFO to Mozilla was very nice – it was a professional car service (like a limo but not a stretch limo). 30 minutes into the 40 minute ride, I freaked out and quickly text messaged shaver to ask how much people tip these guys. $5? $10? 15% of the cost unknown to me? “Give him a five, you’re a star!” I gave him TWO fives.

When I got to Mozilla, everyone was standing around in groups talking in a party-like atmosphere. This would normally be uncomfortable for me, but I felt at home because 75% of the people here are socially awkward geeks just like me. It was fun putting faces with names I’ve seen all over the Mozilla community on IRC and bugzilla and online. I quickly met up with the team I work with every day and hung around watching them get drunk. We went back to the hotel and I checked in at 11pm. I was too tired to attend any of the late night activities in and around the hotel.

This morning was the welcome session and lunch, followed by 3 break out sessions. All the sessions I attended were in Building S. First was Future of the Web Brainstorming, which was interesting and thought-provoking, but I’m not sure if anything will come of it. Next was Mozilla Web Site Integration of the three major communities – Mozilla Corp, Mozilla Japan, and Mozilla Europe. It’s very interesting listening to all of the different viewpoints and unique issues of each culture. Right now I’m in the Places meeting, which is the revamped bookmarks system in Firefox 3. I’m very surprised at how many ideas are being brought up here. People use bookmarks for so many different reasons and it will interesting to see how we account for all of these use-cases.

In a little while we have some free time but we’re having a Remora meeting and then going to a restaurant in Los Gatos for dinner. I posted a few photos of the hotel room here and will add more as the week progresses.