Firefox Summit, Day 2

Leaving off from my last post, after the Places meeting we had a two hour Remora meeting in which we redefined the approval process that I’m currently working on. We have enough policy and flow topics to entertain us for days, so we’re having another meeting later today.

After that meeting, we went to a sports bar in Los Gatos for dinner and casino stuffs. Dinner was surprisingly good, and I met more people, including an interesting conversation with a Songbird developer. After a few hours there, we came back to the hotel.

Today (Thursday) I attended Automated Testing, Mozilla Labs, Building the Mozilla Community, and the Firefox 3 Planning sessions. (I’m still in Firefox 3 planning.) After this, we have another Remora meeting and then will be going to San Francisco for dinner at Foreign Cinema for the Firefox 2 gala dinner thing.

I added some more pictures to the gallery.