Upgrading to Vista

I decided to upgrade my desktop to Windows Vista Ultimate last week. I had previously said I wasn’t upgrading to Vista, but I couldn’t resist since it was free from TigerWare. After a little trouble with the installation (it didn’t finish installing and would BSOD on every boot) I got it working. I like it, but I’m mainly making this blog post to share some tips I had to figure out.

  • iTunes – Apparently Apple hasn’t updated most of their software to be compatible with Vista. If you actually purchase music legally, you may not be able to play it on Vista until you run the iTunes Repair Tool for Vista.
  • Administrative Shares – After I upgraded to Vista, I wasn’t able to connect to \\justin2\c$ like usual. It turns out local administrators can’t access stuff over the network unless you create a registry key as described here.
  • User Account Control – In Vista, anytime you do something that requires administrative permission (which is apparently a lot of stuff), Vista comes up with a box that just asks you to continue (if you are logged in as an administrator). This was really annoying, so I decided to turn it off (Control Panel » User Accounts and Family Safety » User Accounts » Turn User Account Control on or off). It turns out this is a big mistake, because now some software can’t get permission to things, which I found out when trying to install Adobe Reader and it couldn’t write to my temp directory.