The Cached Edge –

The following bugs for version 3.0 (Remora) were RESOLVED FIXED between Monday, Feb. 19 and Sunday, Feb. 25.

  • Bug 370599 – many timeouts on remora links
  • Bug 370595 – Display of localized add-on descriptions broken
  • Bug 370998 – Short URLs not used consistently
  • Bug 370612 – Old versions page doesn’t indicate that the add-on is sandboxed
  • Bug 370597 – Disabled add-ons shouldn’t show up in the search
  • Bug 370610 – Offered search plugin in remora not working
  • Bug 371181 – Ordering of application versions appears random
  • Bug 366620 – Remora URLs are inconsistent and contain featureless parts
  • Bug 370607 – Different search fields produce two different search URLs
  • Bug 366652 – addon’s title is rendered at a wrong place in a narrow window
  • Bug 370783 – Broken image on extension discussion index page
  • Bug 370778 – Expanded item details only shows one author even when there’s more
  • Bug 371193 – “Other languages” list should not require clicking the “Go” button
  • Bug 370781 – Make localized date format more verbose
  • Bug 371346 – Old versions should be sorted “newest first”

This was an experimental post. If you are interested in weekly summaries like this of AMO/Remora bugs that are fixed (like the Burning Edge), please let me know and I’ll continue them.

  • Me! Even if I get bugmail it’s good to have it summarised like this. It’ll be more interesting when the site is live and the changes actually affect users though…

  • Yes, it is interesting to see a summary of what got fixed. It would also be interesting to see a list of still existing regressions as compared to AMOv2 but I think those mostly aren’t marked in any way.

  • Woot, fligtar keeps track of what I’ve been working on 😉 No, seriously. That looks very useful and is a good way to see what was happening/what will affect users, as Cameron put it.