Landmines, baby!

In one of my classes, we were assigned a group project of doing a company profile paper on a tech company. I happened to be wearing a Firefox fleece, and when it came time to select a company, one of my group members said “Why don’t do we do them?” and pointed at my chest.

While I would love to do a company profile of Mozilla if this was an individual project, I was hesitant about how the group (only two people knew about Mozilla) would do with such a unique company. We split the paper into sections and I was emailed the draft of our paper today, combined with everyone’s sections.

Imagine my surprise when I read the following paragraph:

“Mozilla is also finding a competitive edge in other markets by offering very portable products such as microscopic pill cameras, bio sensors that localize landmines, implantable medical devices for the treatment of brain tumors, mobile television service, video headsets, thin –film diamond coatings, and paper batteries for music playing greeting cards. Also, Mozilla is now offering solar air-conditioner equipment and solar energy powered automatic and compacting trash bins.”

The first response I thought of was “That’s not true – we’ve never made paper batteries” but I decided to go with explaining where she misread her source. Her source is cited as this Mozilla press release (7th paragraph down), which referred to many companies at the Economic Forum, not just Mozilla.

As shaver put it, “indeed, it is hard to imagine any company that was involved in all of those things of which you were not already aware, as they would constitute one of the most amazing industrial organizations in the history of opposable thumbs.”