Mozilla in EverQuest II

I started playing EverQuest II again recently, and happened to notice a “mozilla” folder in the EQII directory. I didn’t remember creating it or moving it there or anything like that, but got distracted and forgot about it.

Today I was playing around and found the fairly new in-game web browser. I remembered about the mozilla folder, and sure enough:

I think it’s pretty awesome that an MMORPG has a Mozilla-based browser inside of it. I fooled around it with, seeing what I could do. about:config works, and you can access chrome URLs. javascript: in the location bar doesn’t work. The user agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; chrome://navigator/locale/; rv: Gecko/20070125

Just thought I’d share!

  • Diego

    It’d be best if everquest just “required” installing firefox (or shared the gecko engine somewhere). This must be a mainteinance hell for them – everty time there’s a security hole in ff, they need to patch their own copy

  • crowder

    When I suggested using Gecko to Don Neufeld just before I left Sony, I was basing my recommendation on the work the Second Life team had done with uBrowser. I think Don did his own work from scratch, though. Hopefully he’ll comment here…?

  • I looked for this user agent in my logs but found only K-MeleonCCF (seems it doesn’t have either :). That, and for some reason a few requests from Firefox installations. So no EverQuest II users yet – but this will surely change when I bring out Adblock Plus for EverQuest 🙂