Thanks to the Internet, I found out what happened in the last Harry Potter book a good bit in advance of the release date. It was cleverly hidden around every corner in images and jokes. I haven’t been keeping track of when the next book is coming out, otherwise I might have been on guard to what happened a little while ago. I decided to visit the Something Awful forums for the first time in awhile and found a plot spoiler as the name of a forum. I don’t want to know if it’s true or not, but I’m sure I will be seeing more of these in the coming weeks as it’s apparently almost release time.

In other news, I got my iPhone last weekend in Palo Alto. It’s really awesome for the most part. I’m not too happy with the built-in Gmail support. It pulls the last 25 emails from Gmail, regardless of whether they’re in the inbox or archived. I also learned that the picture the camera shows you after you take a picture is not in fact the picture it took. Several of my pictures of the Kwik-E-Mart we went to are blurry because I thought they came out fine.

I was really busy at work this week, and next week will be even worse, but hopefully rewarding. The week after that I’ll be in Portland for OSCON.