Rock Your Firefox 0.4 Launched

The latest version of Rock Your Firefox, Mozilla’s Facebook application, went live this morning. There are two exciting new features in it:

Automatic Add-on Detection

When adding the application, users will now have the option to detect the add-ons they already have installed in Firefox and add them as favorites. Existing users can do this from the sidebar of the homepage. Anytime new add-ons are installed, you can re-scan to detect the changes.

New Homepage with Newsfeed

Instead of going directly to the Browse area when using the application, there is now a homepage with a list of recent add-on activity such as new versions of your favorite add-ons, favorite additions by your friends, and recommendations based on your friends’ favorites. The sidebar has several sections, some of which will not always be visible.

Check out version 0.4 at! The next release is planned for the end of September.

  • The Addons importing feature is really nice, and make it much easier to manage the public listing of out favorite addons, but AMO should have this feature built in, to make it easier for Addons-hunters to know which addons they already have in specific time, so if we’ll use two or more different computers or profiles, we will be able to know which addons we have on the other machine.

    It is possible, as we have user login mechanism it AMO in general, and this will remove the need for extension listing extensions.