Calendar Idea

Last blog post for awhile, I promise!

The Mozilla community is very large and there are all sorts of events happening every day – whether it’s a project milestone, meeting, launch, freeze, anniversary, conference, or other item of interest. I think it would be both cool and helpful if we had with all of these events in one central place that were kept updated, so anyone could see what was coming up.

Obviously, everyone is interested in different things, so each of the categories of events could be toggled on and off.

Some initial ideas, because my blog posts can’t go without a table or list:

  • Special Events – Such as Mozilla 24, OSCON, or other engagements Mozilla is sponsoring, like this
  • Firefox – Milestones, freezes, and anything related to Firefox (Similar categories for other projects – Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, etc.)
  • Meetings – meetings open to the public, like the Monday project status meetings
  • Other recurring events like Air Mozilla, QA bug triages, etc.

The calendar could even talk to some other Mozilla sites to get data for those that might be interested in:

  • Firefox downloads that day
  • Bugs filed
  • Bugs resolved
  • New Add-ons

I wish I had time to work on this.