Graduation Date

I was killing time in a hallway until my next class started when I decided to visit the College of Business office to see an advisor about something. I ended up leaving checked out for graduation with 33 hours left. My graduation date is set for December 2008.

The courses I have left to take are:

  • FIN 3715 – Business Finance
  • MKT 3401 – Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 3830 – Strategically Managing Organizations
  • ISDS 3200 – Advanced Business Programming
  • ISDS 4120 – Business Data Communications
  • ISDS 4125 – Analysis and Design of Management Information Systems
  • 3 hours Gen. Ed Humanities
  • 6 hours ISDS electives
  • 6 hours business electives
  • Fred

    Very nice. Looks like we may graduate “together”. I will have to figure out my remaining schedule and, thanks to your inspiration, I’m going to blog it, too :)

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