posts during October 2007

Gmail IMAP

I’d heard that some people had IMAP support start showing up in their Gmail accounts, so I’ve been checking mine frequently. A couple hours ago IMAP showed up for me, and I quickly changed my iPhone from POP to IMAP. It’s great. I’ve hated Gmail on iPhone ever since I got it and I’m glad that I’ll actually have a reliable counter of unread emails on my phone now.

5500 people have tried Rock Your Firefox since it launched in August, and yesterday version 0.5 was released.

New things in 0.5:

  • Invitation tool – easily invite your friends to add the application (if they haven’t already!)
  • Preview viewer – clicking on an add-on’s preview image in the display page will now open a preview viewer to view all of the previews
  • Friends that add the application will now appear in the add-on feed
  • Misc. minor bug fixes – see the full list here

So, get started inviting all of your friends to Rock their Firefox!