Bugzilla QuickSearch + SearchWords

Someone asked me how I was searching Bugzilla from my location bar last week, so I figured there are probably a few others who aren’t familiar with QuickSearch + SearchWords and would benefit greatly from finding out about it, so here’s a post!

The little search box on every page of Bugzilla is useful for more than just typing in bug numbers – it actually has a pretty detailed syntax that can be used to narrow down bug queries faster than using advanced search in many cases. Jesse has a page listing all of the tricks, but I’ll mention a few of the ones I use.

Using a colon in QuickSearch specifies the product or component to search in. For example, :firefox would search bugs in the Firefox product and :mozilla.org searches mozilla.org, addons.mozilla.org, and a number of components in Websites.

QuickSearch defaults to searching only open bugs, but adding “ALL” as the first word of your search will make it search both open and closed bugs. @ will search for bugs assigned to that user. So, “ALL :addons @fligtar” returns all bugs I’ve fixed or am currently assigned to in addons.mozilla.org product.

QuickSearch is great in itself, but combined with SearchWords, it’s even better. (SearchWords is part of Firefox 3, so you only need to install it in Firefox 2.) I have the “bug” keyword associated with the Bugzilla@Mozilla search engine, so typing in “bug :cvs” in the location bar will return all of the open CVS Account requests.

I never bookmark bugs because of this method, even if it means once a day doing Command + T, Command + L, “bug :addons statistics” to find the same bug over and over.

  • Command + T should automagically focus the location bar for you, so that’s one less step 😉

  • In Firefox 3, you might find yourself using the expanded autocomplete feature to return to bug reports you’ve visited recently. Type a few words from the summary and you should see your bug at the top of the autocomplete list.

  • Peter

    Bookmark keywords have been a standard feature for a while. They’re less discoverable, but you don’t need SearchWords.

  • @Shawn
    Indeed. I just Command + L all the time by habit because I’ve started typing when focus wasn’t in the location bar way too many times.

    Indeed – I use Firefox 3 and use the awesome bar frequently, but for some reason I never remember about it with bug searching.

    Where are they in Firefox 2?

  • arana

    in FF2 if i type a single word in the url, then it defaulted to use a google quicksearch, how can i do this in FF3?

  • arana