Password Exporter 1.1

I just released Password Exporter 1.1 after over a year since the last release. I’ve been getting several emails a week asking about Firefox 3 compatibility, but due to the Firefox 3 complete Login Manager rewrite, it wasn’t an easy fix. I rewrote the extension pretty much entirely, and split the Firefox 2/Thunderbird code into a different file from Firefox 3. From this point on, Firefox 2/Thunderbird is in maintenance mode and new features will probably only be added to Firefox 3. I had to drop support for Firefox 1.5 in this version, but exports can still be made from an older version like 1.0.6.

In addition to Firefox 3 support, this version added a number of new features including a cool import progress bar, a number of bug fixes, and a new locale (ja-JP – Japanese) bringing the total number of supported languages to 20. You can see the rest of the changes in the changelog.

If I have time, I expect I’ll be releasing a minor update in a few weeks with some locales that couldn’t update this week, as well as some bugfixes for things that will probably be discovered next week. I have a few new bigger features that I’d like to tackle in the coming months, but I may not have time.

If you already have the extension installed, Firefox will detect the update sometime over the next 24 hours. If not, you can always download it or check out the new website.

I had planned on making a post about the new website comparing Google Code Project Hosting to Trac, but couldn’t get around to it. Maybe I’ll do that soon. I’ve been very happy with GCPH – it’s very simple yet powerful.

In other Password Exporter news, there’s a MozillaZine thread about what was thought to be a security issue in the extension, but which I am considering to be a request for enhancement.