Password Exporter 1.1

I just released Password Exporter 1.1 after over a year since the last release. I’ve been getting several emails a week asking about Firefox 3 compatibility, but due to the Firefox 3 complete Login Manager rewrite, it wasn’t an easy fix. I rewrote the extension pretty much entirely, and split the Firefox 2/Thunderbird code into a different file from Firefox 3. From this point on, Firefox 2/Thunderbird is in maintenance mode and new features will probably only be added to Firefox 3. I had to drop support for Firefox 1.5 in this version, but exports can still be made from an older version like 1.0.6.

In addition to Firefox 3 support, this version added a number of new features including a cool import progress bar, a number of bug fixes, and a new locale (ja-JP – Japanese) bringing the total number of supported languages to 20. You can see the rest of the changes in the changelog.

If I have time, I expect I’ll be releasing a minor update in a few weeks with some locales that couldn’t update this week, as well as some bugfixes for things that will probably be discovered next week. I have a few new bigger features that I’d like to tackle in the coming months, but I may not have time.

If you already have the extension installed, Firefox will detect the update sometime over the next 24 hours. If not, you can always download it or check out the new website.

I had planned on making a post about the new website comparing Google Code Project Hosting to Trac, but couldn’t get around to it. Maybe I’ll do that soon. I’ve been very happy with GCPH – it’s very simple yet powerful.

In other Password Exporter news, there’s a MozillaZine thread about what was thought to be a security issue in the extension, but which I am considering to be a request for enhancement.

  • inajeep

    Hi, Just downloaded your password exporter for my wife’s old XP laptop and new MacBook Pro. I exported the password list and copied the xml file to the MacBook Pro but get a parser error when I try the import. I didn’t see this issue in the discussions or mentioned in your blog. Am I doing something wrong?

  • maxwolf

    Hello Justin!

    It is sad to see, that you haven’t changed the way (raw string concatenation) you generate an export xml file. So, I may confirm, that password exporter 1.1 does not export correctly entries (usernames and password) in national letters. They become completely broken. I have sent you report January last year and correction in July. It seems that I need to patch new version again, otherwise it is not usabe for me…

  • Heribert Slama

    Hi, could you please tackle the issue of the empty export file with high priority? (Issues 10+12 on the Google project page).
    TIA, Heribert

  • Hi Justin

    nice and very useful plugin. thanks

    one small request if I may. although it says that its compatible with Firefox 3 B4, it does not get installed. firefox says its not compatible. can you look into it?


  • Dusan

    Hi Justin,
    Pwd-Exporter creates 0 b file when exporting, no matter whether I choose XML or CVS export. It doesn’t even show the message “XX passwords have been exported successfully”.
    I have used previous version with success but after upgrading to v1.1 it stopped working.

    I have just tested the same version (v1.1) on a newly installed FireFox on a completely different PC and it works fine. Perhaps some confusion in the configuration files (remainings from previous version)??

  • Shoy

    Hi, I tried your Password Exporter and:
    1)When I try to export in xml, it creates a empty file.
    2)When I try to export in the other one format, is 175 bytes, but nothing inside
    3)I can only export the list of the website where I didn’t saved the password, Am I doing something wrong? FF
    Thank You
    I hope you will improve this script cause I really want it.

  • I have tried several times to export and import my passwords from one computer (Macbook Pro Intel) to my iMac PowerPC (non Intel), but always get the error message “XML parsing error”, meaning I can export, but not import these passwords. Would be great, if you could advise, what to do. With thanks, Alexander

  • Hello,

    Password exporter has some issues when is being used with FireFox 3.0.1. For more details, please check the bug I reported:

    However no answer so far 🙁 If you have any clue , please let me know.


  • Jonathan Villa

    If you’re getting the XML parsing error, it’s due to Firefox version < 3.0 providing a null value for “formSubmitURL”.

  • Vic

    I posted a fix for the “Can’t add a login with both a httpRealm and formSubmitURL” problem.

  • Dana

    the new firefox 3.0.10 is not compatible with password exporter 1.1. Could you please update your add-on to make it compatible again? Thanks.

  • Many Spears

    Password Exporter 1.1 worked fine for me until FF 3.0.11. Any suggestions?

  • James

    I love this totally excellent Add-on, however it appears as though it doesn’t support the https:// protocol?

    For any site that I’m using on an https:// I have to manully add the entry to the XML output and then import into the password exporter.

    Any thoughts?