AMO Developer Tools Revamp, Part 2: Edit Add-on Descriptions

Last week I blogged Part 1 of the previews of upcoming changes to the Developer Tools area of This week we’ll look at another new page in the revamp, now known as AMO milestone 3.5.

One UI element present on a number of pages in the Developer Tools area is the Translation Box. Anytime there’s a field that can be localized, this box appears to allow developers to switch text fields between locales. This is what the Translation Box currently looks like on the Edit Add-on page:

Screenshot of old Translation Box

This is what the new Edit Add-on Descriptions page looks like:

Screenshot of new Translation Box

The new Translation Box has a bunch of improvements:

  • Documentation! The site currently has very little documentation about where fields are displayed and doesn’t have any explanation of what the Translation Box actually is. In the new site, every field has a description of what it is and where it is displayed, and a help section explains how translations work:
    Screenshot of new Translation Box Help
  • Clearer understanding of translations with the idea of “adding” and “removing” translations rather than leaving untranslated fields blank.
    Screenshot of new Translation Box Addition Screenshot of new Translation Box Deletion
  • Sleek appearance. The translation boxes match the rest of the site, although some of the fields pictured may move to the Edit Add-on Properties page.
  • Complete rewrite of backend code for retrieving and saving translations that will dramatically reduce the number of queries and processing required.
  • Validation and errors – In the current site, localized fields can’t be properly validated, for example, limiting the summary to 250 characters. The new translation box handles maximum length detection nicely:
    Screenshot of new Translation Box Error

Closer to 3.5 we’ll have a staging area setup for testing these new tools, but until then, please post any feedback you have as comments here. Thanks!

Next, part 3: Manage Add-on Categories