AMO Add-on Review Status

The AMO editors have been hard at work, reviewing 255 add-on updates and submissions in the 2 weeks before Firefox 3’s launch, and 238 updates/submissions between launch day (Tuesday) and Sunday.

There are currently 228 updates in the queue and 373 new nominated add-ons. There are normally about 10 new add-ons submitted to AMO every day, but since the release there have been 20-40 every day. Similarly, there are normally about 60-70 updates to existing add-ons every day, but since the launch there have been 100 – 150 every day.

Below is a graph of submission and update rates since 2004, hitting a peak of 235 updates on the day after release and 42 new submissions 2 days after release. You can also see a zoomed-in version of the graph. Astute observers will also notice a large increase in submissions in November 2006, when Firefox 2 was released.

Graph of Add-on Submissions per Day

Please be patient as our editors work through this backlog. You can read more about volunteering if you’d like to help.

A huge thanks to all of the editors who have donated their time and effort to make sure Firefox 3’s add-ons experience is great. Below is the list of editors with the number of reviews they’ve done since March 2007.

Editor Reviews since March 2007 June 2008 Reviews
Mel Reyes 2026 199
Oliver Saier 1663 26
Pavel Cvrcek 1102 64
Archaeopteryx 560 58
Andrew Williamson 335 43
Lukas Blakk 223 0
Michael Z 186 29
Shawn Wilsher 162 0
Cesar Oliveira 146 61
Anthony Hughes 118 0
Basil Hashem 115 44
Sid Kalra 112 0
Brian King 88 27
Mike Shaver 35 0
Thomas McMahon 26 0
Wil Clouser 25 0
Jeremy Morton 23 11
Justin Scott 22 9
Alex Polvi 16 0
John Ford 13 0
Aronnax G. 11 0
Kohei Yoshino 9 2
Gijs Kruitbosch 9 0
mcdavis941 8 0
Prasad Sunkari 6 0
Naoyuki ASANO 5 0
Frederic Wenzel 3 0
Ryan Jackson 2 0
Majken Connor 2 0
Pascal Beyeler 2 0
Andrei Hajdukewycz 1 0
  • Well, Mel Reyes, Oliver Saier and Pavel Cvrcek together made twice more reviews then rest of reviewers together. You should honour them (and not by some cheap t-shirt), because without them Firefox 3 user experience was much worse.

    Great work, guys!

  • I was an add-on reviewer for a short time back before Remora and I tested and reviewed more than 50 add-ons in my first month. I was very thorough and tested add-ons in different versions of Firefox (or other Moz apps.) with different profiles with one being new/clean and another containing many add-ons so I can certainly appreciate the work that the AMO editors do especially for add-ons that requires creating accounts and adding content such as bookmarks or videos.

  • Gary Johnson

    I would think this would be better posted on the addons site, maybe under a section on reviewing.

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  • Yongqian

    Interesting. What is the number of add-ons submitted daily now? Has it died down a bit since FF 3 has been out for a while?