Add-on Search on Ubiquity

I wrote a Ubiquity search command that searches for your selected text or entered term on Mozilla Add-ons and returns the top results with preview image and summary. Advanced users can use an add-on’s AMO ID to pull up that add-on as well.

Screenshot of Add-on Search

You can add the command here.

  • Would it make sense to highlight the search term where it appears in the results?

  • @Jesse – Yeah, although in some cases the term won’t actually be there because AMO searches on name, summary, and description and the description isn’t shown at all.


    Can you make it so that executing the command installs the extension?

  • Errr. How often are you guys searching for new add-ons?!? WTF!! You need a command to make this quicker???


  • rex

    its not working on 0.5.4 version with linux OS