AMO Developer Tools Revamp, Part 6: Manage Previews

It’s been about 4 months since I posted about the status of the AMO Developer Tools Revamp. Later this week, the beta versions of these tools currently available in production AMO will be upgraded and 3 new tools will be added. I’ll post more details about that on Friday, but wanted to highlight the features of the 3 new tools.

First up is the revamped Preview Manager:

Screenshot of new Preview Manager

The only specific new features with the preview manager are the ability to replace a preview’s image without losing the caption’s translations and the ability to upload multiple previews at once. The main improvement is that the management of all previews is on a single page instead of separate pages without a real connection to each other.

With this new preview manager also comes a revamp of how preview URLs across the site are formatted, which will fix the very frustrating and longstanding bug where making changes to preview images wouldn’t show up for hours.

Next up will be a post on the new Status Changer tool.

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