AMO Developer Tools Ready for Testing!

With last night’s update to AMO, the new tools I’ve been blogging about are now available to try out. On the en-US Developer Tools index, you should now see an invitation to try out the new tools, which will take you to the new “Developer Dashboard” where all the links will point to new tools. Using the old index will continue using the old tools until the next update when we intend to make the new tools the default and only tools.

Please remember that any changes you make will actually take effect, so if you’re looking for an environment to play around with the new tools without harm or try out uploading a new add-on, just use our preview site, which uses an older snapshot of the database.

If you’d like to report any bugs or feedback, please add it to this wiki page or file a bug in Bugzilla.

For details on the specific new tools, check out my previous posts: