It’s that time again…

With the release of the first beta of Firefox 3.1 today comes everyone’s favorite release-time festivity: extension compatibility updates!

If you’re an extension developer using a maxVersion of 3.0.* or less, please test your extension before declaring 3.1b1 compatibility. Some of the changes for extension developers are listed here. 3.1b1 is an allowed version on AMO, but 3.1.* will not be added until closer to final release. Keep in mind that you can always look at the Developer Statistics Dashboard to see how many of your users are on 3.1 betas and may be marked as incompatible/disabled.

And as another reminder, if you only need to bump the maxVersion number for compatibility with 3.1b1, you do not need to submit your add-on for review. Simply use the Developer Tools area to bump the maxVersion and Firefox will check AMO for this when determining which add-ons are incompatible.

If you’re an extension user and one or more of your add-ons isn’t working in Firefox 3.1b1 yet, please be patient. Many add-ons are developed by volunteers in their spare time who may not be able to address compatibility immediately if their extension requires significant changes, which it should hopefully not. As in previous releases, Mozilla will be reaching out to developers in an effort to get as many extensions as possible updated before 3.1 is released.