Mozilla Roomba Users Group

I was never a fan of extracurricular activities in high school or college, so I surprised even myself when I recently formed the Mozilla Roomba Users Group – a club of home-cleaning-robot enthusiasts. The idea was that interested Roomba owners and spectators at Mozilla would get together and participate in events testing the various skills of the robots. Our first RUG meeting was today, with three of the four members in attendance: myself, osunick, and dolske.

The first event was “function properly”, in which all participating robots were placed on a conference room table and released from slumber to interact with each other. Sadly, osunick’s roomba did not function properly, and had to be disqualified from subsequent events. fligtar and dolske tied for winning the first event, as both of their roombas functioned properly.

The second event was a timed race from one end of the table to the other, knocking a styrofoam section completely off the table. Both robots started off with a straight path, tying at 12 seconds each. The meeting was heating up, with both dolske and fligtar tied with 2 events won.

The last event of this meeting was a synchronized demo race. The first roomba to pass others by more than a second in the recorded demo would emerge victorious. fligtar’s roomba was able to pull ahead of dolske’s midway through the demo to clinch the event and meeting, with 3 events won to dolske’s 2.

Highlights of the meeting can be found in this 2.5 minute video:

Events planned for the next meet-up include a more challenging timed race with obstacles and turns, as well as several varieties of cleaning competitions.

My brief search seems to indicate that this may be the only Roomba Users Group/club, competitive or otherwise, so I’ll continue documenting our adventures if we continue to have them.

  • Are they powered by Gecko?

  • Hm. In a roomba fight to the death “Trident” may actually have some advantages!

  • Cesar

    At 1:40, the roombas are revving their motors. I rofl’d

  • Why wasn’t there a Roomba fight gladiator-style? I think that would be the best way to test determine a clear winner.

  • Lies.

    My Roomba was simply giving a more thorough demonstration, not doing a sloppy rush job like yours.

  • This sounds like real fun. Besides the tests you’ve done have a really good aim, i.e. you can tell people which one of all these robots you would recommend.