fancypants: a new Bugzilla skin

There’s been a lot recent discussion on Bugzilla’s UI. I figured I’d share some work I started last month on a new non-default skin for I, along with a few alpha testers, have been using it via userContent.css, and I’m really loving it. It has a lot of things I consider to be improvements, although there’s only so much you can do with pure-CSS skins.

show bugbug list

I’m working on bugfixes and tweaks still, but am hoping to have it ready for general use soon.

  • That looks really nice! 🙂 Are you going to release it as a general-purpose Bugzilla skin? If you do, you can link to it from (that’s where we track things like skins, right now).


  • Silly man, for experimentation with styles and CSS, do yourself a favour and install the Stylish extension. With Stylish you can test your CSS dymanically without having to restart your browser.


    • @Philip I do development on my own bugzilla installation, and only use userContent.css for releases that I send to testers.

  • John Drinkwater

    I like this.
    I want this.

    I believe the Status entry needs more prominence though, as it is easy to miss while scanning my eyes over the page.

  • Gc

    Does bugzilla detect the screen size and font size of the client and choose a layout to fit?
    This wide layout may work fine for people with large screens, but for people with small screens (e.g., netbooks) it could be a pain. Bugzilla is used around the world.

  • This requires a theme song. I propose:

  • hgomez

    Great skin.

    Please send me a mail when it will be available.

    Very good works

  • Raghu


  • Dmitry Trukhanov

    When we can get release of this cool skin? Or may be beta version? Or may be you need some help in this development?

  • How does show_bug.cgi look like with a few flags and a custom field or two, and with some attachments?

  • Shailesh

    Please let me know the place from where I can download fancypants bugzilla skin. It looks great. Thanks

  • Ajay

    This is cool. When will it be available for download

  • Rajnish

    Looks really cool… I am willing to a test it on my administor bugzilla installation (~150 user).