Feature Presentation

Jetpack logo

Today, Mozilla Labs announced Jetpack, a new experiment in extending and personalizing the Web.

I’m incredibly excited by this project and the thought of what it can become. I was a web developer before I was an extension developer, and being able to harness the power of extensions with the simplicity of jQuery opens up an entirely new platform and an entirely new community of people making the web more convenient and personal.

As a celebration of this, I wrote a completely useless Jetpack feature that I’m calling Image Swapper. It takes all of the images in your open tabs and mixes them up with each other. I mainly created it as a demo of how easy and fun it can be to make a Jetpack, and you can see that demo below:

Head on over to the Jetpack website for information on Jetpack and to get the prototype. A huge thanks and congrats to the Jetpack team for making this so awesome. I can’t wait to see what it becomes.