Thank you, Bandwagon team

Bandwagon Team patch on bag
Last night we released AMO 5.0.6, which introduced collections, a new homepage, and a new design for the site. This was a huge project that first started about a year ago with the idea of add-on “feeds” and a codename of Project Bandwagon.

It’s incredibly exciting to see people actually calling collections “fun”, and making over 3000 in less than 24 hours since the feature was launched.

A ton of work was put into this release, and I’d like to thank the people that made this possible:

  • Wil Clouser – for leading development, managing all the bugs, and single-handedly reviewing 116 patches this release
  • Fred Wenzel, Jeff Balogh, Ryan Doherty, Les Orchard, Scott McCammon – the awesome web developers who fixed 287 bugs
  • Stephen Donner and Krupa Raj – our thorough QA team who filed 103 of the fixed bugs in this release
  • Brian King and Dave McNamara – makers of the Add-on Collector extension
  • Nick Nguyen – for steering us in the right direction and stopping me from making some big mistakes
  • Mike Morgan – for committing excellent webdev resources to our release and helping with the launch and post-launch debugging
  • Neil Lee, Jennifer Boriss, and Chris Howse – for their design help with the extension and website
  • Sean Martell – for the countless pixels crafted and delivered to us in PNG gift boxes
  • David Rolnitzky, John Slater, and Nicole Loux – for their marketing insight, copy reviews, and PR
  • Jeremy Orem – for helping us push the site live and staying up late to debug it with us
  • Rey Bango – for evangelizing collections and mobilizing his Twitter army
  • Basil Hashem and Alex Polvi – for helping shape collections in the early design and brainstorming
  • Ehsan Akhgari – for knowing how to make websites look perfect in RTL
  • Dave Garrett – for testing the site extensively before launch and filing bugs
  • Elise Allen and Elliott Brown – for helping us explain the technical details of collections and the Add-on Collector in easy-to-understand terms
  • Clearleft – for designing the layout of the new homepage and collections pages, as well as the style of the entire site

I’ll be posting more about our plans for Bandwagon Phase II on the add-ons blog in the near future, and in the even nearer future, I can’t wait to share some stats on how collections are doing.