How many add-ons are there?

It’s a question I’m asked fairly often, and my response is usually “it depends”. (AMO) is a pretty complex system, so answering a simple question like “how many add-ons are there?” isn’t so easy when you consider that there are 7 types of add-ons, different status levels, and several supported applications. And of course, not all add-ons are hosted on AMO. My answer to that question to someone looking for consumer-friendly Thunderbird add-ons would differ by thousands from my answer to a web developer who wants to extend Firefox to its fullest.

A few weeks ago I had the idea of a self-service chart that I could point people to when they ask me this question, and here it is.

(I strongly recommend viewing this table on my blog.)

Add-ons hosted on AMO (June 12, 2009)


All Active Active Public

Add-on Type

All 10936 8661 3531 All


9140 7640 3061 Firefox
978 848 543 Thunderbird
Extensions + Themes 10046 8021 3271 All
8946 7479 2965 Firefox
843 737 469 Thunderbird
Extensions 8937 7248 2803 All
8065 6792 2567 Firefox
746 664 407 Thunderbird

Some explanations:

  • The status row is made up of 3 columns: All (every single add-on in the database), Active (neither user-disabled, admin-disabled, nor “incomplete”), and Active Public (active and the add-on has “public” status, meaning it has been reviewed by AMO Editors)
  • The add-on type column is made up of 3 rows: All (every add-on type: extensions, themes, dictionaries, search plugins, language packs, plugins), Extensions + Themes (only extensions and themes are counted), and Extensions (only extensions are counted)
  • The application column is made up of 3 rows: All (every application AMO supports: Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, SeaMonkey, Fennec), Firefox, and Thunderbird. Keep in mind that some add-ons are compatible with multiple applications.

I didn’t want to make the table even more confusing, but if you’re interested in other applications: 324 active SeaMonkey add-ons, 99 active Sunbird add-ons, and 33 active Fennec add-ons. And other add-on types: 119 active dictionaries, 470 active search plugins, and 51 active language packs.

Please don’t ask me to break this down by Firefox 3.5 compatibility — I think my <table> might explode.