TechCrunch: enough with the Twitter posts

I like Twitter. I really do. I like TechCrunch too, and have been subscribing to their posts for years now. But I can’t stand the barrage of Twitter-related posts over the last few months. I decided to take a look at how many posts per day over the last 3 months have been related to Twitter using this handy CrunchBase page. My findings are below:

Graph of TechCrunch Twitter posts per day

There are many blogs out there that are dedicated to covering one service. They usually make that pretty clear in their name. But I think it’s ridiculous for TechCrunch to have 8 posts in a single day related to Twitter (as they did yesterday) and to have only 2-3 days per month where they DON’T talk about Twitter. Twitter being down is not news. Twitter disabling search for a few hours is not news.

I was satisfied just leaving a short comment to this effect on the latest Twitter post, but after doing the brief post count research above and realizing how long I’ve tolerated this for, I’m no longer a TechCrunch reader. If they ever reduce the number of Twitter posts or perhaps split the mind-numbing posts off into TweetCrunch, I’ll be glad to hit the subscribe button again.

And like I said: I actually like Twitter. It’s gotta suck even more for the people that don’t care for Twitter.