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As a kid, I was pretty good at the comics where two pictures were placed side-by-side and you were tasked with figuring out the slight differences between them. I came across today, a website for Google Chrome browser extensions that isn’t officially connected with Google. I noticed quite a few similarities between this site and a site I’ve worked on for a few years, I really do take it as a compliment that they liked our site enough to copy so much of it, but in the interest of fun, I’ll try to identify as many coincidences as I can.

Homepage Promo Box

Perhaps the most obvious similarity is the promotion box at the top of the page with 3 extensions in each panel that rotates between tabs at the bottom. On AMO, this box is powered by featured collections of add-ons, but uses normal categories. Amusingly, their version of the “Like these?” text underneath still references collections although they don’t support collections (yet?).

Screenshot of AMO Homepage Promo box
Screenshot of Promo box

Category Names

Many of their categories are lifted right from AMO, like “Alerts & Updates” and “Social & Communication”. Others were combined, or words re-arranged.

Screenshot of AMO CategoriesScreenshot of Categories

Homepage Browse Tabs and Add-on Browse Layout

In addition to the same sort/filter tabs, the layout of the add-on’s icon, name, author, and install button is pretty familiar.

Screenshot of AMO Homepage Browse section
Screenshot of Homepage Browse section

Add-on Metadata

Screenshot of AMO Add-on MetadataScreenshot of Add-on Metadata

User Profiles

Screenshot of AMO User Profile
Screenshot of User Profile

Collections Logo

I especially like that their icon is named “collections.gif”.
Screenshot of AMO collections logoScreenshot of collections logo


Screenshot of AMO Footer
Screenshot of Footer, if you have any questions on implementing anything, we have our weekly AMO meetings on Wednesdays at 10am.

  • Holy crap. Lame.

  • Hehe…Seriously funny. At least they should acknowledge 🙂

  • Bizarro world for sure.

  • alanjstr

    AMO is open source, right? So any chance they grabbed the source and slightly reskinned it?

  • The truly disturbing thing is that it’s apparently running on wordpress:

  • For a moment I thought they had actually used the Remora codebase! But it appears to be WordPress under the hood.

  • Alan

    On the bright side, it’s a poor man’s AMO 😉

  • Colby Russell

    Why so facetious? AMO is open source.

    • @Colby Russell
      AMO is open source, but they didn’t use its source. They just used its design, without any acknowledgement. It is perhaps within their legal right to do so, but it’s pretty weak to take what a direct competitor has spent 4 years building and act like it’s entirely your own, in my opinion.

  • Interesting – their category pages use identical “top 10” lists, as well:

  • adam

    i think the owners of need tobe given some credit.. Its clearly written there its not official site.. So in a way they are not competing with Mozilla Addons site.. Its more a concept i guess..?Plus they have used wordpress for this which is like really hard work..Wordpress a blogging platform being converted into something like that shows the genius of the developers of

    I liked it..