How to file an AMO bug: a beginner’s guide

We’re always trying to stay in touch with the add-ons community and the issues facing add-on developers, and one of the most common ways of letting us know pain points is by filing a bug in Bugzilla. We track almost everything here — from actual site bugs and feature requests to tasks and administrative issues. (AMO) is a huge site, and it’s quite possible you’ve found a minor glitch or more serious bug that we haven’t heard about yet.

Bugzilla can be complicated to a new user, so here’s a step-by-step guide to letting us know about a problem with AMO:

  1. Create a Bugzilla account. (NOTE: If you’re a longstanding Mozilla community member, you may already have one. Check first to make sure you aren’t already logged in when you visit the site.)
  2. Search for existing bugs. Looking for an existing bug is helpful to both you and us, because you’ll see any progress that’s been made in resolving your issue, and we won’t have to close your bug as a duplicate.
  3. File the bug. Select the best component, enter a brief summary, and describe the problem you’re having.

That’s it! Your new bug will be emailed to everyone that is interested in AMO development, and we’ll triage the bug and help sort it out.

Happy bug filing!