blog v3 now live

My blog’s third redesign has just launched with more @font-face and rgba() than you can shake an unsupported browser at.

My previous design with the squanda was about a year and a half old, but a few months ago it started to bother me. In recent weeks, it got to the point that I didn’t want to make any posts until I finished my new design.

I made the design from scratch with fancy new HTML 5 tags, which was super easy thanks to Mark Pilgrim’s guide to HTML 5. It focuses entirely on content rather than sidebar widgets, which is why the header is so plain and all the extras are relegated to the fat footer.

In addition to the new design, I took the opportunity to make use of some cool WordPress features I wasn’t before:

  • comments are now disabled on posts after a year
  • comment replies are enabled for better threading
  • my posts use “more” tags now to keep things cleaner

I intend to start posting a lot more frequently, and already have a list of 7 posts that were waiting for the redesign to be unleashed.

I’m very interested in feedback on the new design, good or bad, so please leave comments here if you have any.