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While looking into the performance of our category pages on AMO for the upcoming Zamboni revamp, I realized we’ve never talked about which categories and browse pages are the most popular. Listed below are the top 15 browse pages by daily pageviews.

Category or Add-on Type Daily Pageviews
Data from January 5, 2010 for en-US only.
* 70,136 pageviews in the Bookmarks category come from the default bookmark in Firefox
1 Themes (add-on type landing page) 85,765
2 Bookmarks (extension category) 81,641*
3 Plugins (add-on type landing page) 70,439
4 Appearance (extension category) 37,971
5 Search Tools (add-on type landing page) 30,111
6 Download Management (extension category) 26,566
7 Modern (theme category) 22,240
8 Privacy & Security (extension category) 21,005
9 Extensions (add-on type landing page) 20,692
10 Dictionaries & Language Packs (add-on type landing page) 20,439
11 Photos, Music, & Videos (extension category) 20,320
12 Alerts & Updates (extension category) 18,891
13 Miscellaneous (theme category) 13,826
14 OS Integration (theme category) 12,628
15 Toolbars (extension category) 11,801

Looking into this data also revealed a few pages that have hideous bounce rates that we should be able to improve with a few tweaks. I’ve started Operation: Gravity to try to reduce these bounces as part of Zamboni.

If you have suggestions for improvements to category pages or notice other gaping holes in AMO metrics we’ve talked about, please feel free to let us know.

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  • Alfred Kayser

    Can themes be moved to the top of the categories list on AMO, now that it has been proven that it is by far the most popular category?

    • People are obviously finding it just fine in its current position — what makes you think it needs to be moved?

      • It would be a great show of support and respect towards Theme authors, and an olive branch to start moving things away from the frustration and anger that they are feeling right now.
        They take offense to the fact that Themes are listed at the very bottom (even before recent events).

        I’ve seen posts made to settle the concerns about extensions, but not themes.
        I think that most people would agree that losing theme authors, especially those who have been contributing since the Mozilla Suite would be a terrible thing.

        • There has to be a link at the bottom of that menu, and that link is going to go to a page with user-created content. That link happens to be themes. We didn’t think “I bet by putting Themes at the bottom we can make them extinct!”

          I’m not sure what to tell people that are upset that a link that goes to what they made is at the bottom of a list of other links of things other people made, especially when that link is performing the best out of any of them. It’s just the way the sidebar is laid out, and nothing should be read into it.

          As for posts settling concerns, the post I made on the Add-ons Blog talks about add-ons being here to stay. It doesn’t mention “only extensions” anywhere. Themes are XUL-based add-ons.

          • Justin I understand your defensiveness, you guys have been getting hit pretty hard, but I’m certainly not being offensive in any way whatsoever. I’m just making a suggestion in what appears to be another vain attempt at getting Firefox developers and theme authors to move forward in a healthy, positive, and productive direction.
            I failed on mozillaZine. I’m stuck in the middle for the most part because I have friends and associates on both sides of the whole Themes-Personas issue.
            You know that I’m not a theme author, but I have contributed to a few, I’ve worked closely with several theme authors, and I’m an end user who loves themes, and I just fear that Mozilla is going to lose some long time contributors.

            I certainly had no intentions on turning a great post into something controversial.
            It was inevitable for someone to bring up the Themes placement issue here, and it wouldn’t have been me just like I didn’t on your Add-ons Blog post. I was responding to your reply and there honestly is no negative attitude here. I can’t convey that through text.

            I did read “Add-ons are here to stay” (I was the first to comment). Personas were not mentioned but Jetpack was. “no plans have been made for it to completely replace XUL-based add-ons”
            It should have been extended to, “and no plans have been made for Personas to replace Themes” unless of course that is false. If Jetpacks can theme Firefox, then that’s a different story and your statement would obviously be including themes.

            According to the comments, the concerns that Personas would be replacing themes was not addressed by the post.

            Seriously, dude, it’s like watching your family fight. You just want peace and are trying to help to find a way to make it so to keep them from walking out and not coming back.

  • fsync

    Interesting that several categories under extensions would be more popular than the overall extensions page. Do referrers say anything (more, for categories other than bookmarks) about what’s going on there?

    • The way the site’s navigation is structured, categories are much more prominent than the full listing of all extensions. The only way I can think of to access the full extensions list is by switching tabs in the homepage browse box and then clicking the link at the bottom. Whereas categories and other add-on types are listed prominently on the homepage and available from every other page.

      So, I’d expect what we’re seeing given the current structure.

  • Yair Halevi (Spock)

    It would be really interesting to see not only visits to category pages, but also “conversion to downloads” per category. That is, somehow measure how many users actually install an addon through each category page (or after clicking to its details page from a category page).
    As you mention, most of the visits to “bookmarks” are a result of the firefox menu option, but that doesn’t mean people actually download an addon through that kind of visit.

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