Rock Your Firefox Redux

Just a few hours ago we launched a new website for Firefox add-ons to help folks looking to customize their browser discover new add-ons they might like. Whether you’re just starting to try out add-ons or have been using them for years, Rock Your Firefox will feature several top add-on reviews each week to help you find your next favorite.

The Firefox Add-ons site has thousands of add-ons, which is great when you already have an idea of what you’re looking for. But for a user just trying add-ons for the first time who wants to find a top-notch, safe, useful add-on and not be overwhelmed with tons of choices, Rock Your Firefox steps in to highlight great add-ons in small doses.

Mozilla community members who have been around a few years might recognize the name Rock Your Firefox as our Facebook application from 2007. It was just over 4 months ago when I posted about its retirement on this very blog. When trying to think of a name for this new consumer-friendly add-ons site, we kept coming back to Rock Your Firefox over and over because of its strong brand and easy-to-understand name.

I’m really excited about the possibilities for this new channel and will be working on a few humorous add-on review posts for Rock Your Firefox in the coming weeks. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to read our introduction post and then check out our first featured add-on: Yoono.

Screenshot of Rock Your Firefox homepage

I’d also like to say thanks to the people that helped make this possible:

  • Add-ons team: Julie Choi and Nick Nguyen
  • Marketing, Copy, and PR: John Slater, Elise Allen, and Erica Jostedt
  • Design: Chris Howse and Lee Tom
  • Webdev and IT: Craig Cook and Shyam Mani
  • the Mozilla marketing team and Chris Beard
  • njn

    Ahhhhh… my least favourite words on

    “we launched a new website”

    Argh! Why a new website? This is just a recommendation service for
    add-ons, right? What’s wrong with putting it somewhere under You know, the place where people already look for
    add-ons? The place that’s the first hit when you google for “firefox

    Instead we’ve got a totally different URL and a totally different page
    style. A casual user (should they even find the page) cannot easily
    determine if this is an official Mozilla page.

    This desire to “launch new websites” leads to the proliferation of sites
    like,, and 101 other Mozilla sites that
    nobody knows about. I thought efforts were underway to reduce the number of Mozilla sites out there, not make the problem worse. Grrrr.