Add-on-Con 2010 Wrap-up

Add-on-Con party chalk boardLast Wednesday and Thursday I spoke for the third year at Add-on-Con. This year’s conference was notably different from the rest for a number of reasons, the biggest being a focus on apps. It certainly gave me a lot to think about, and hopefully I’ll have time to blog some of my thoughts on the topic of add-ons vs. apps.

Wednesday night’s Mozilla Social was a blast, so thanks to everyone who attended! And a huge thanks to the many people at Mozilla who were involved in our participation at Add-on-Con this year: Grace, Sara, Mayumi, Dan, Caitlin, William, Mary, Jane, and of course to our speakers Myk, Mark, Jorge, Boriss, Dave, and Jay.

Many people have already asked for my slides from my various talks, so here they are:

So much has changed since the last Add-on-Con and 2011 is already promising to be a very exciting time for add-ons, so I can only imagine what themes will surface at next year’s conference.