Where did my status bar go? How to customize Firefox 4’s UI

My favorite feature of Firefox is its ability willingness to be customized into anything I want through third party add-ons and the built-in user interface customization tool. Firefox 4’s main UI is a big change from Firefox 3, and as it gets very close to release, I see many people asking how to change things back to what they had before.

This post walks through how to customize Firefox’s UI to look like Firefox 3, though I ask one thing of everyone reading it: please give the new defaults a chance. They aren’t right for everyone, but a lot of time and research went into how people use Firefox and I think they’re a step in the right direction. I’m making this post because I’d rather see people using Firefox 4 with a few older UI elements than using Firefox 3 and missing out on all the other awesome improvements because of one UI irritation.

Comparison of Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4 default UIs

Showing, Hiding, and Re-arranging Toolbar Items

Firefox makes it easy to customize toolbar buttons and other UI with its built-in customization dialog. To open it, right click in an empty space of the navigation area and select Customize, or open the View menu, go to Toolbars, and select Customize.

Screenshot of Customize dialog

With this dialog open, you can drag and drop buttons and other widgets into many parts of the UI. Add new buttons by dragging them from the dialog. Remove existing buttons by dragging them to the dialog. Here’s a list of Firefox 4 changes made in the main toolbar that can be reverted with this dialog:

  • Refresh and Stop buttons moved from the left of the location bar to the right.
  • Subscribe (RSS) button removed from the main UI. (see Les Orchard’s post on this for more details)
  • Home button moved from the left of the location bar to the right of the search box.
  • Bookmarks button added to the right of the search box.

Tabs on Bottom

Screenshot of Customize context menuFirefox 4 defaults to showing tabs on top, but it’s easy to change back to tabs on bottom. Bring up the customization menu by right clicking in empty space in the navigation area, or opening the View menu and going to Toolbars. Tabs on Top will already be checked, so just click it again to uncheck it.

Bookmarks Toolbar

The Bookmarks Toolbar is hidden by default in Firefox 4 and replaced with a toolbar button that lets you access all of your bookmarks with a single click. To bring the toolbar back, open the customization menu by right clicking in the empty space in the navigation area or opening the View menu and going to Toolbars. Check the Bookmarks Toolbar item, and the toolbar will appear. You can then remove the bookmarks toolbar button using the Customization dialog, as it’s no longer needed.

Screenshot of tabs on bottom and bookmarks toolbar

Menu Bar (Windows & Linux only)

Windows and Linux users may see the new Firefox menu in the top left instead of the normal File, Edit, etc. menus. You can revert to showing the normal menu bar by opening the customization menu (as described above) and then just click “Menu Bar”.

Screenshot of menu bar

Status Bar

The status bar was removed from Firefox 4 and link hover previews were moved to the location bar. A new toolbar called the Add-on Bar was added that only appears when you have add-ons installed that place items there. The status bar previously showed the page’s loading status and progress, active downloads, and add-ons.

To get the old status bar back, install Status-4-Evar. This will add the status message, progress indicator, and active downloads to your Add-on Bar, just like the old status bar. You can even move them around by opening the customization dialog as described above.

Screenshot of customizing status bar

The After Shot

Here’s what it should look like if you follow all the steps above (though hopefully you won’t follow all of them).

Comparison of Firefox 3.6 default with  Firefox 4 customized UI

Now you can use the Firefox 4 beta without frustration and hopefully learned a few things about customizing Firefox.

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  • These are some silly changes. For example, the point of the bookmarks bar was that so you would only have to use 1 click. What I liked about Firefox 3.6 was that it just worked, now it looks like Mozilla is freaking out about Chrome and copying the bad parts of Chrome, not the good parts.

    • terry

      i can’t figure out how to get my bookmark link back that was in the upper left. now i just have the word firefox and an arrow. how do i get the word “bookmark” back?

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  • Jo Hermans

    John: the whole point is that many people were not using the bookmarks toolbar at all, so it is removed by default. You shouldn’t assume that because you don’t like that change, nobody will like it. There is actually research being done for these things.

    • Sorry if my opinion offended you. I will expound, we have a desktop at home for my mom, she just browses the fashion catalog. She just loads up the browser, and clicks on the pink icon on the bookmarks toolbar. The rationale for the removal of the status bar, the hiding of the bookmarks toolbar, the removal of the RSS icon, it seems to me all about less and less, without actually quantifying if it is actually helpful.

      The removal of the status bar and the packing of URL previews into the location bar for example is horrendous for low resolutions (netbooks, emerging market computers), I imaging phishers will have a field day with the truncated URL previews.

      The new Firefox button is also rather frustrating. In Office, where you are in a deliberate thinking mode, the Office button items, which can have subitems, or clickable master items makes sense. In a browser where I want to do things fast, the dual nature of the menu items gets rather frustrating.

      Firefox does have an advantage in that it is better tested by web developers and I have less compatability issues, but now that I’ve got Windows 7, I’ve got an alternative to Chrome in IE9 when Chrome doesn’t work. I’ve been a loyal Firefox fan, I’ve stayed up to 3.6, but after the stagnation of Firefox’s performance, the CTRL+E hijacking of search to panorama, I’ve been a Chrome guy since. I do wish Firefox got back to “just working” instead of hopping from 1 trend to the next.

      • Ethan

        It is worth noting that the bookmarks toolbar only hides by default for those who have not modified the default links. Your mom should be fine.

        • I’m kind of paranoid about installation/profile corruption so I try to import/export bookmarks. Upon a fresh, no import bookmarks installation of Firefox, I was presented with a screen without a bookmarks toolbar.

    • Jon C

      i piss on your “research”. why did you change the nice FF3 icons into shitty crap of FF4. Heh, research!

  • I think it says a lot of the ‘cleverly research new UI’ that even experienced UI designers and Firefox ‘power users’ can’t find the button to disable it without looking it up or asking other users.

    • Ethan

      What UI designers are you talking about? What power users are you talking about? What button are you talking about?

      What are you talking about?

      • “They aren’t right for everyone, but a lot of time and research went into how people use Firefox and I think they’re a step in the right direction.”

        Who is ‘everyone’? Everyone?! Who put in a lot of time and research?

        … and seriously, you’re asking what button?

        Extrapolate a little. If you apply the same critical criteria to your own post it makes no sense either, so don’t.

        • Ethan

          I’m serious. I don’t know who you are referring to because I have not heard from any experienced UI designers or Firefox power users who are complaining about not being able to find this elusive “button” that disables “it.”

          And when you say my own post, which are you referring to? I didn’t write what you quoted.

          You’re quite a confusing person, no harm intended.

          • craig

            Danny you got it right! He is telling us how much better it is and he does not even try to explain anything other than to pick on you. He mush have researched that too.

  • A.Alaalas

    Good move, I have always hated all those useless bars cramping my screen. Please ignore the disgruntled and/or ex-employees.

  • kwerboom

    I miss the status bar. Status-4-Evar is nice but I just don’t understand why you won’t allow an option to revert like you do with “Tabs on Bottom” and “legacy menu bar”?

  • The Bookmarks toolbar is easier to bring back: click the new Bookmarks button and tick “View Bookmarks Toolbar”.

    Also, enabling the Menu bar automatically removes the Bookmarks button, so you don’t need to do it manually.

  • I second the native option idea… we shouldn’t have to install an add-on to emulate the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Its been standard position cross browser for years, if we have an option for “tabs on top”, we should definitely have a “status at bottom”.

    Even after months of using the Fx4 betas I still look down when mousing over links, especially after I’ve testing sites in multiple browsers. its just expected to be down there…

  • Brian

    I hadn’t really thought much about the UI changes until the
    latest beta (beta 9) where the tabs now get tucked up alongside the
    Firefox button. My screen has very little vertical real estate
    (laptop makers seem to assume everyone does nothing but watch DVDs
    on them!) so this change makes a huge difference. With the status
    bar gone too I can fit a lot more on the screen and find it so much
    more enjoyable to use. Nice work.

  • Chris Brainard

    I appreciate that you took a lot of time doing research. The only problem is that the research is wrong. From my view it doesn’t look like the research of actual users but the research about how other companies such as Microsoft, Google, Opera and Safari choose to make their browsers.

    This drive by totally uncreative designers to drive design into a minimalist format is ruining the experience for people in every part of life. That is what the new UI changes are doing to the Firefox browser and that is why you have many people requesting the old UI.

    Yes people do want more view space, but that is increasing with monitors. We also want the information about what we use (different for each person) to be in our view space so we don’t lose our focus. This doesn’t mean hidden in a menu, this means viewable and focus is the key.

    If that information is well organized and takes less space that is great, but to hide it, makes it worthless. A great example of this is the new tab feature to organize multiple tabs. You guys made it hidden in the sense that it hides behind an icon and you loses focus. Opera has taken this a step further and it works way better for users.

    Another example of poor design, is where the tabs are. If you actually check out where the user mouse is, you would find it at the bottom of the screen more often. Tabs would be better placed at the bottom of the screen. Actually the whole UI would be better at the bottom of the screen, but that would be too radically for many people.

    Another poor choice was hiding the menu bar which contains File, Edit, View, etc. That means remembering where those options are and twice as many clicks. Even when you click on the orange bar you still have to figure out where the items are, making it totally worthless to the users.

    Here you guys are wasting time on stuff that works and making it not work for users. It would have been way more helpful to redesign the bookmark system which has sucked from day one and still does today.

    Alas ego plays such a big role that you guys will waste time defending your ideas that don’t work and we will see it in the finished product. I imagine you will inspire someone to branch off your source and make Firefox with a better UI. This has already been done with Thunderbird to make Postbox

    • Ethan

      That’s just nonsense. Every time a UI change is made people come out of the woodwork saying they still want cartoon icons and their precious global throbber. It seems it’s always these Windows ‘power users’ too. I can’t understand it. Just embrace the changes and get on with your life. Most people probably don’t even remember what they griped about when Firefox 3 hit late betas, because now they are inconsequential or proved to be good changes.

      And I keep hearing this jab that Firefox designers are egotistical. That’s just outright silly. You clearly have not watched these people work. Go find a few really fun looking UX bugs on bugzilla.mozilla.org and watch what happens as brilliant people often lay down their preferences and defer to what is best based on their extensive experience and education. For these guys it’s all about the user. They’re looking out for YOU, but YOUR ego gets in the way of you realizing you don’t know squat about UI design or UX in general. Please leave it to the professionals and stop insulting them.

      As for a branch off of their source, I’m sure they would welcome it. It is open software, isn’t it? With how finicky people are I’m shocked it hasn’t happened yet (Flock doesn’t count).

      • Ethan

        I can’t stand how much of a fanboy this makes me sound. I’m just tired of people not appreciating the awesome talent and hard work that goes into Firefox. What all of the designers and developers do is nothing short of amazing.

        • Peter

          This is going to sound incredibly trollish, but please bear with me, why in the world should ANY users appreciate any kind of work, even if it was hard and ardous and long, and all the workers agreed that it was fantastic and the best they ever did, if the user does not like the end result at all?

          I mean, I can appreciate the work being what is it, work, but if the results of the work is nothing I like, then I don’t in any way feel obligated to like the product, not at all.

          And ofcourse I know that the product here is free, and I can choose another if I so wish, but I have been a stalwart backer of FF since pre 1.0 and I would hate for that to change, but I really must say, some of these changes seem utterly stupid and pointless, and more of a change for the sake of change, and not for the betterment of the end-user.

          It would be very fulfilling to see at least some of the results of these studies you have done prior to this release, I, for one, think that the findings are pretty doubtfull.

          And, might I make a small suggestion, if vertical screen realestate have become such a big issue all of a sudden, why not release two versions, one for the vertically challengede, and one for the rest of us, on proper, large, 1200+ lines of vertical resolution, who very much likes information available on screen, all the time, and not hidden in some obscure menu or add-on?

      • Outre

        Ethan wrote;
        “That’s just nonsense. Every time a UI change is made people come out of the woodwork saying they still want cartoon icons and their precious global throbber. It seems it’s always these Windows ‘power users’ too. I can’t understand it. Just embrace the changes and get on with your life. ”

        I’m trying, but I’m vision disabled and have severe arthritis in my hands, wrists and elbows. And here I am answering what appears to be a very young person who, for some reason. is trying to make themselves look clueless.

        Who is not, of course, going to further this appearance of cluelessness by attempting to suggest that I shouldn’t be using a web browser, are you?

        Accessibility, workability, and more accessibility are the ONLY things that matter.

        What does NOT matter is the job profile of the Developers and how much they can fill it out with gumbo found useless by the end-user.

        I don’t care how pretty it is, or what “whiz-bang-gee” toys are added to it, I ONLY care about the ease of use and that it does what it is supposed to.

    • nerach

      My mouse is mostly on the top / top-right side. Does that mean Mozilla team create a perfect UI just for me ? (lol)

      Maybe you had to drop some links that prove that researchs are wrong.

      (my english is very bad, sorry about that…)

  • Just to point out, this isn’t really true:
    >A new toolbar called the Add-on Bar was added that only appears when you have add-ons installed that place items there.

    See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=616419

  • LorenzoC

    “but a lot of time and research went into how people use Firefox…”
    You mean lot of time was spent looking at Google Chrome.

  • I don’t think there’s any of the changes in the FF4 interface that I like. It’s good to have articles like this. I only have XP, so I can’t try IE9, I don’t like Chrome or Safari one bit, and Opera and my tastes took separate paths years ago, unfortunately, so I’m probably stuck using FF4 if I want to use and up-to-date browser. My dislike of FF4 does give other browser makers a chance to gain my usage. I suspect that’s true of a fair number of FF3 users.

    • zob

      its really easy to make FF4 just like FF3. this is a whole article but really it’s just a matter of:
      – enable menu bar
      – enable bookmark bar
      and eventually add status addon

      that said new defaults aint so bad, except status bar

  • I’ve love to see the research that determined when mousing over links most people look at the address bar…

  • dodge135

    I wonder if anyone at mozilla has considered how many hours of their end users’ time has been eaten up trying to adapt/get used to FF4.

    Why on earth would you change so much at once, the interface is completely alien to 3.6 users. It’s like starting from square one, leaving even the most tech savvy scratching their, intuiative it is not.

    Heaven help the technically challenged, Grandma never stood a chance.

    Never mind a measly option to select classic menus, buttons, toolbars etc etc, she’d be lucky to even find the options.

    well, I guess it’s too late now, nobody will admit any fault always seems to be the way nowadays.

    It’s all Grandma’s fault

  • Howard Morland

    I have no idea what this means. I have right-clicked all over my screen (what is the navigation area?), and I don’t get any Customize option. Nor can I find a View menu anywhere:

    “right click in an empty space of the navigation area and select Customize, or open the View menu, go to Toolbars, and select Customize.”

  • Howard Morland

    Never mind. I managed to get my old Firefox 3.6 back. I just won’t be upgrading Firefox anymore.

  • Gordon Scutts

    I just want to go back to firefox the way it was.
    I don’t know why you have changed it.
    I don’t know why I don’t have the option of changing back.
    I think I will use outlook express, at least it is all there.
    I am fairly computer illiterate and have great difficulty in setting up anything on my computer and will not waste time on this stuff up by firefox.
    I think a lot of people are going to be in the same difficulty as me.
    Goodbye Firefox.
    Gordon Scutts

  • Fred A Cleaver

    Look, I’ve been using internet browsers since Mosaic. I depend on the refresh button. I want a refresh button. The standard set of buttons, home and refresh to name two, are standards that you can’t screw with.

  • John

    How do I put the “Refresh” button back where it belongs? It absolutely blows where they put it now.

    • This post answers that exact question. Use the Customization menu to drag the refresh button to where you want it.

  • Susanna

    I don’t like this new form of Firefox. I don’t get it. I have been using it for a long time but I am leaving it for something less difficult. There was nothing wrong with the old one. I can’t find any of the “new and exciting features” you are talking about. This was not done with me in mind. It was arrogance on your part.

  • DS

    I don’t like the changes at all! Can’t figure out how to get the refresh button back – very important to me. Maybe if Foxfire asked for users input for future changes before installing they would be more happy .

  • Connie

    I don’t like to complain, but I am adding my voice to what appear to be hundreds of others . . . so far I HATE(!) the new version. I am going to try to follow through all the instructions given to see if I can regain usability with this new program (which I installed only because I figured ultimately I would need to do so anyway and that it would be somehow “better”–but for me it definitely is worse).

  • Jody

    FF4 just sucks, FF3 was awesome easy to use easy to manage. I thing Mozilla took a page from Microsoft and yes I am an MCSE. Lets hide everything and move it so no one can find it. I think you blew it. If i wanted something like this I would be using Chrome or IE

  • mike

    In FF3 there is a little arrow to the right of the back & forward button in the navigation toolbar with which you can check the history of the specific tab you ‘re browsing. This function seems to be missing in FF4. Anybody knows why or if it is going to be back in FF4?

  • RichardW

    Nothing here tells me how to get the refresh button back. I would like detailed instructions, but they are not here.

    • The refresh button hasn’t disappeared, it’s just moved to the right side of the address bar. If you want it back on the left side, follow the instructions in this post to open the Customization dialog and drag the Refresh button to where you want it.

  • Adam

    After upgrading to FF4, I no longer have the little dropdown menu next to the Back and Forward buttons in the navigation menu that allows you to easily navigate back or forward several pages at a time. I could not find it in the Customize Toolbars options, either. Am I destined to not be able to navigate more than one page at a time now, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    • Right click on the back button and you’ll see that menu.

      • JSLover

        Speaking of right-clicking on the Back button: Why does it align the menu to the position of the mouse? (displaying the menu on top of the button & providing no way to override it). In Netscape (& maybe previous versions of Firefox) right-clicking the Back (or Forward) button would produce a menu aligned to the button: top-left of menu aligned with bottom-left of button

        Also, I *can’t stand* the MERGED Back & Forward buttons/menus…if I right click Back, I ONLY wanna see my Back history. If I right-click Forward, I ONLY wanna see my Forward history. Simple. But now I can’t do that, even WITH an Addon. I can’t even figure out how to WRITE an Addon to do that!

        These kinds of changes/defaults are what Firefox Devs do not provide the user with an easy way to change/override…or even Addon developers an easy way to write an Addon to undo/bring back.

        When you decided it was a “good” idea to merge the Back & Forward buttons & menus…you should have LEFT the “separate Back & Forward” buttons in the toolbar palette & ADDED a “merged Back & Forward” button to the palette. Even if you removed the “separate Back & Forward” buttons from the Nav Toolbar (by default) & added the “merged Back & Forward” button to the Nav Toolbar…then, at least, if all the buttons (merged & separate) were available in the toolbar palette, I could undo this mess, but you just outright REMOVED the ability to have separate Back & Forward buttons/menus. “NoUn buttons” helped with this, but it’s not updated for Firefox 4 (& may never be!).

        Firefox Devs: Please, for the love of God, BEFORE you REMOVE something, MOVE that code to an Addon. Wanna remove the status bar?…fine, MOVE the code for the status bar to an Addon. Wanna merge the B&F buttons/menus?…fine, MOVE the code for the separate buttons/menus to an Addon. Wanna merge the Reload/Stop buttons, FINE, add a NEW MERGED BUTTON to the toolbar palette (but leave the unmerged/separate ones in the toolbar palette).

        Give the user a CHOICE!

        Give Add-on Devs an EASY way to create Addons to undo things you change…(or as I mentioned above, just move the code to an Addon).

        The code is already there, just MOVE it to an Addon before killing it in the default install.

        I must say: “Tabs on Top” was handled perfectly!…you changed the default, BUT, you left the original behavior as simple as a right-click & unchecking a menu item. No need to install an Addon, no need for an Addon Dev to figure out HOW to re-add it. This was perfect, now just handle the rest of the things you wanna change/merge/remove like you did this: add an option/checkbox/menu item, leave the buttons in the toolbar palette…or make an Addon.

        (why does every blog NOT have a preview???)

  • kaz

    no cats blue flavour on Firefox 4! at least I found out here how to get my status bar back.

  • lex

    I hated it so much that I reinstalled 3.6.16 right over 4.0 and so far it seems to be working. Even the add ons that 4.0 said were incompatible were still there. My opinion is just as valid as anyone else, especially since I use this product about 2 hours a day, everyday…and I’d like to see an upgrade respect the defaults from the previous version so a guide like this isn’t necessary. Guides like “getting the most out of 4.0” could be filled with suggested changes and new customers could get the new settings as defaults, but this is disrespectful to existing customers and the “new is always better” condescension of fanboys isn’t helping. And god help them, it’s obviously a rip-off of the look and feel of Googgle Chrome – a bad decision on marketing grounds and I hope they get sued for it.

  • fiz

    I REALLY wish you folks would just leave things the hell alone and stop shifting everything around! It’s a wicked pain in the ass to chase things all over all the menus and download ADD-ONs to UNDO what you all do to these ‘upgraded’ web pages. NO one cares that the tabs are where they were (bottom) the only people that cares they go on top are you. We all know how to go back in page history and go forward again, so PLEASE leave this stuff alone….DAMN. You make this utterly ridiculous changes that does absolutely nothing to enhance anything. All you are doing is pissing people of with these idiotic cosmetic changes. I NOW have to go and find a way to put the “open in new tab” second in the context li9st, and I don’t want to get use to this new way you’re doing things in FF 4 because you will just change it again later.





  • Right clicked toolbar and clicked restore defaults to get refresh button back. It showed up but when I pressed “Done” it disappeared again. How do I get the toolbar back with the refresh button since I upgraded to 4.0?

  • Fixitman

    I agree with most of the comments here. A user upgrading to a new version should not have to spend HOURS making the browser look and function like the old one did. The multiple useless changes will tick off the typical user. EVERYONE is used to the little down arrow next to the back button to get recent pages.. PEOPLE who want the status bar at the bottom, WANT IT, not some illegible popup that’s hard to read. People who do add-ons that depend on the easy interface at the bottom (NoScript, greasemonkey, hotmail notifier, IE tab, in my case) WANT them there from the START, not have to install some add on to get them back!
    I detest microsoft’s new windows 7/office 7 way of doing things (ribbon, no start button, no showing menus, etc) AND THAT IS WHY I use FireFox! Now, you go and make it less usable, and a “tweaker” like me, STILL took two days, trying to get the old interface back! PLUS, breaking extensions EVERY time you update to a new version is just WRONG, creating more work for developers who often work for free to develop usability add-ons that were cause by removing capabilities in yet PREVIOUS versions (such as last button close, the original googlebar, since the “wonderbar or amazingbar or whatever, that’s now built in, doesn’t do what a google user wants.. the googlebar did. I had to install googlebar LITE (totally different, and the icons are different, confusing me) in order to get that functionality back on FF4. What you should do, is WARN USERS NOT TO UPGRADE if they LIKE THE CURRENT INTERFACE of a version, OR.. provide, on first start, “do you want the old interface, or a totally new, unusable one?” choice.

  • Fixitman

    Luckily I discovered Firefox Portable and install ANY new version of FireFox separately, so that I can still use the old one if I want to. I migrate all of my extensions, chrome tweaks, bookmarks, etc. via copy-paste into the new folder after downloading, and before starting the new version. This means, I EXPECT THE NEW version to look and work EXACTLY like the old, this is why I do it.
    There must be some way to upgrade the speed, etc. without changing all the user interface part (and it is faster and renders pages better on FF4 than 3, that’s the ONLY reason I wanted it.)
    I seriously don’t want to have to try to make my old extensions work on the new version by tweaks, or downloading a new version from another developer, EVERY time I have to upgrade! A typical user wouldn’t stand for it, AT all.
    Researching what people (supposedly) want is one thing. MAKING them change (and I believe the typical user doesn’t WANT changes they have to learn) is counter-intuitive!
    This thing, is like making someone learn to drive all over again. A user who has only driven an automatic, now has to drive a stick shift with a clutch, and vice versa. Ridiculous. MAYBE… Different versions, of the new version… ONE “classic” and one “all new” would do it. OR, when you change things this radically, simply change it to a new name, and let USABLE FireFox live on in the old versions. How’s about calling it, say, WATERfox, and the next one.. AIRfox.. etc.. then people would KNOW.. “all new.”

  • Jane

    The grey scale is awful. Some of us with ‘older’ eyes rely on the color…too bad FF thinks only the young work in the the new world.

  • Zaezar

    For everyone complaining, and rightfully so, about the new ‘changed-for-the-sake-of-change-so-it-won’t-look-we-are-less-cool-than-the-guy-next-door’ user interface, have a look at Pale Moon, http://www.palemoon.org/.
    Firefox based, but without all the nonsense discussed in all the posts above.

  • thanks for this article. “Tabs on top” sucked, you can’t believe how many times I was fiddling the history where I wanted to browse my (many) tabs. Browsing the history ‘as-per-tab’ was more intuitive in the earlier version too (I think, not sure 100% because we forget old interfaces fairly quick; except for the tabbing that is 😉 that was bad !!

  • Linda Walsh

    Good to show how to repair unwanted “umprovements”, but given the FF team has done us all a big favor and EOL’d FF4, will these methods still work with FF5?

    (how about 6,7,8, are they due out later this year to catch up w/google?)…seriously I don’t know what the bleep
    is going on w/the versioning (till running FF3.6 and TB2.0.24 (the later only 17 months old!)…just that 3.x was SO
    incompat!)…(kept uploading a ‘4GB network store’ of IMAP email to each workstation I logged onto…NOT a way to make people happy…as IMAP was designed to prevent a need for local caching of email).

    Good for the Mozteam to undo all that design… ;-(

  • MCC

    Big pain, little innovation, many changes that do not improve functionality is my opinion. Not just here but MS as well. At least Firefox does hang as often as IE, which is why I use it.

  • MCC

    That would be does not hang! Thank goodness.