Movie Timeline

Five years ago I started saving every movie ticket stub. I didn’t really have a reason, but knew I’d think of one some day. I still haven’t thought of one, but today I decided to log them in a spreadsheet and put them on a timeline.

Screenshot of timeline

In all, I’ve spent around $900 on 98 movies in the theatre over the last 5 years, which was a bit shocking to me. The most expensive single viewing was a 3D IMAX showing of Tron for $16.75, and the cheapest was an early afternoon showing of Baby Mama for $5.

80% of the showtimes were after 7pm and 27% were after 10pm. 68% were on weekends, with Sunday as the most popular day of the week to see a movie.

  • Wes Kocher

    T-t-t-t-to much time on your hands…

  • I’ve done this too since seeing the first Matrix movie. A lot of mine have faded to where I can only see the shine where ink used to be.

  • I’ve saved the stub to every concert I’ve ever been to (up until etickets became the default; they’re just not the same) so this gives me inspiration to so something similar.

  • I’ve saved almost every single concert ticket since age 17 (wife threw out John Fogerty stubs… grrr). Some are autographed. The plan is to mount them behind glass and hang them in my den. Just gotta build that den…