Hello Weebly!

The Web is amazing. As a kid, I made countless websites for every hobby, organization, and cause I could think of. Animorphs Club, of which I was the only member? Check. My aunt’s small business targeted only to local dentists? Check. My school, church, and Boy Scout troop? Triple-check. While 12 year old me loved being the only person around who knew how to make a website, what about everyone else?

In today’s connected world, nearly everyone will need a website at some point — whether for their wedding, portfolio, or even just sharing thoughts on a blog — and it should be dead simple for anyone to create it themselves.

I’m thrilled to share that I recently joined the product team at Weebly, a startup that enables just that for more than 30 million users around the world. Weebly empowers anyone to create a beautiful website, online store, or blog just by dragging and dropping elements on the page. It’s as approachable, intuitive, and easy to use as it can get.

In the 8 weeks since I’ve started, I’ve heard so many incredible stories of how Weebly makes an impact in the daily lives of our users — whether helping someone start their dream business, teach their students, or promote their nonprofit. Weebly gives them a voice online.

I’m looking forward to helping build the future of Weebly and bringing millions of new voices to the Web.