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Preview of New AMO Developer Tools

With the release of AMO 3.4.3 tonight, there’s now a way to try out the new Developer Tools that I’ve been blogging about.

From the en-US Developer Tools, click on “Edit Add-on” next to one of your hosted add-ons. At the top of the edit page, you’ll see a box that offers a try-out of the new edit tools.

The following new tools are available:

The tools are accessible on as well, if you don’t want your changes to affect the production database.

If you find any bugs or have any feedback, please file a bug or add it to the wiki.

The next area of AMO Developer Tools being revamped is managing add-on versions and files. Here are some screenshots of the new look:

The new Edit Properties page of the AMO Developer Tools area is where the main settings of an add-on can be configured. The available fields on this new page are: Add-on Name, Default Locale, Add-on Icon, Homepage, Support Email Address and Website, and other add-on flags such as viewing the source online. These fields were previously mixed in the single edit add-on page.

In last week’s part 2 preview of the upcoming changes to AMO’s Developer Tools area, I posted some screenshots of the new Edit Descriptions page. Before getting to the preview of the next page, I wanted to give some more information on AMO milestone 3.5’s schedule. After all of the sections of the new Edit Add-on area are finished, they’ll be pushed live to AMO where developers will have the option to try out the new edit pages rather than use the current one. This will give the new pages enough testing to make sure they’re ready to take over, while providing an alternative in case any major bugs are found. The current edit page will remain the default until 3.5 is officially launched after various other revamp pages and finished, localized, and tested.

Last week I blogged Part 1 of the previews of upcoming changes to the Developer Tools area of This week we’ll look at another new page in the revamp, now known as AMO milestone 3.5.

One UI element present on a number of pages in the Developer Tools area is the Translation Box. Anytime there’s a field that can be localized, this box appears to allow developers to switch text fields between locales. This is what the Translation Box currently looks like on the Edit Add-on page: