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Mobile World Congress 2012

Last week I went to Barcelona to attend Mobile World Congress for the first time. It was incredible for several reasons, most importantly how all of our products came together to tell one unified story: the Web is the platform. You can’t talk about one of the products without it leading directly to the others: Boot2Gecko and Open Web Devices, Marketplace and apps, Persona, and Firefox. I’m excited about it, the conference was excited about it, the industry is excited about it, and Mozilla rocked the show despite it being our first time there.

MWC photos: mine | Mozilla’s

Mozilla’s booths were in the App Planet exhibition hall along with many platform, commerce, and other software companies. There was a good vibe, especially compared to some of the other halls entirely dominated by hardware giants with multi-million dollar booths the size of a city block. I spent most of my time in Mozilla’s main booth giving demos of our HTML5 apps platform and answering questions about the Mozilla Marketplace.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect from 6-8 hours a day of talking and demoing, and was concerned that I wouldn’t have time to visit other booths I was interested in to learn about their products and how they might help our Marketplace. Booth duty turned out to be the best use of my time, as I learned a lot about the crowd’s perception of Mozilla’s offerings and HTML5 apps, and got to meet so many people with relevant ideas. By the time the last day rolled around and I had some time to stop and talk to other booths, all the companies I was interested in had already come to see me. (Though there was still reason to visit one.)

Here’s some of what I learned from my own observations and from talking with hundreds of people: