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Responsible First-run Usage

Assortment of first-run pages
Extension first-run pages are increasingly common and are a great way to inform the user about what the extension they just installed can do, how to access it, how to get help, and oftentimes guide the user through creating an account or logging in to a service. They are usually very graphical and clean-looking, and really show off the extension or author’s brand. Sometimes in addition to or in lieu of a first-run website in a new tab, additional first-run components are used, such as opening a sidebar or popping up a modal dialog or wizard.

The practice of using first-run modal dialogs, pages, sidebars, and wizards is a great way to make sure the user doesn’t forget to try out your extension after installing it. But there’s a pretty big problem that’s developing as more and more extensions do this: installing more than one extension at a time. As an example, I installed 4 extensions that are “recommended” by Mozilla in a brand new Firefox 3 profile. This is what I got after restarting: