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Nobody’s Perfect

An interesting article from TechCrunch was published this morning about Google Chrome’s new extensions platform. I’m very excited to see so much talk about add-ons recently, and Chrome’s extension support shows how important browser customization is.

I’ve been experimenting with Chrome extensions and plan on posting my thoughts on the experience soon, but the TechCrunch article caught me by surprise with some of its statements that I wanted to comment on sooner.

Most notable was the comparison of the Chrome extensions platform to Firefox’s current add-ons platform without a single mention of the Mozilla Labs Jetpack project. Jetpack is an experimentation into what the future of Firefox add-ons might look like using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These add-ons are installed without a browser restart, are automatically up-to-date, and also appear instantaneously in the Jetpack Gallery. And it’s very easy to write a useful Jetpack extension in just a couple minutes that even works on Mac.

As a kid, I was pretty good at the comics where two pictures were placed side-by-side and you were tasked with figuring out the slight differences between them. I came across today, a website for Google Chrome browser extensions that isn’t officially connected with Google. I noticed quite a few similarities between this site and a site I’ve worked on for a few years, I really do take it as a compliment that they liked our site enough to copy so much of it, but in the interest of fun, I’ll try to identify as many coincidences as I can.