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Firefox Extensions Update!

I have been working on various Firefox extensions nonstop lately.

The most successful has been Password Exporter with currently 5500 downloads from the Mozilla Update Site. It’s pretty cool seeing something you made translated into 9 languages, including some that don’t even use the same alphabet as us.

I have 6 active extensions… one no one will ever see the awesomeness of because it’s used internally at my office. Another is currently in development, and another is supposed to be funny. I’ve been using Firefox 2.0 and 3.0 lately for extension testing and I like 2.0 but I’m not a big fan of what I’ve seen in 3.0 yet… oh well.

Weeee, FavLoc made it to Mozilla Update! If you have it installed, please download it from there so that when I update it you will get the updates.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to get 1000+ downloads the first day like my other extension because it’s already been knocked off the front page because apparently they have an approval spurt today.

I am currently working on another extension that has no point but should be humorous.

Edit: Ok, you don’t actually have to download it from there to get the updates… if you already have it installed and you hit “Find Updates” it will still update. But I still want the download count!

Last weekend I moved all of my mom’s old stuff from her computer to my old computer which has been passed down to her. She asked if her saved usernames and passwords in Firefox would be transferred. I looked into it and couldn’t figure out a way to export them, short of using Google Browser Sync which gets extremely annoying after about 2 seconds.

I wrote Password Exporter which has now been added to Mozilla’s Addons site. It exports/imports saved passwords from one computer to another, or just for backing them up.

All this extension coding inspired me to update FavLoc and submit it as well, so hopefully it will be approved and placed on there soon as well.

I recently created a map of the LSU Campus using the Google Maps API. Check it out at!