Building Software at the Scale of the Web

Last semester I took a course in which there was a speaker from the corporate IT world every class (once a week) who talked about the various IT processes at his/her company. One night after (or possibly during?) a particularly uninteresting speaker, I jokingly asked shaver if he wanted to come speak. Fast forward 6 months to Thursday, when shaver arrived in New Orleans from London, drove here to Baton Rouge, and had a rental car tire blowout that almost caused him to miss his first talk. Maybe he’ll post pictures.

The first talk was to a technology club – the LSU chapter of Association of Information Technology Professionals. I was really surprised at some of the questions that were asked – I had no idea that people around here would care about Mozilla’s thoughts on mobile, Silverlight, or have heard of the “10 days” incident.

Immediately following that was the main talk to the Management of Information Resources class, a business elective of somewhere between 150-200 people. Shaver started off asking how many people use Firefox. I was very surprised when what looked to be about half the room raised their hands, and I’m sure after his talk, the rest of the people went home to try it out.

The next day I saw some of the Firefox buttons we gave out on a few backpacks. The talks were awesome, so big thanks to shaver for taking the time to venture down here before he’s grounded for a bit.