Handsfree iPhone calls

I had been looking for an adapter for my iPhone so that I could connect it to my cassette adapter and play music from the phone in my car, when I came across the Shure Music Phone Adapter. It’s meant to allow using an iPhone with any set of headphones and has a microphone and button built in so that you still have the functionality that the iPhone earbuds have. I decided it was worth spending some of my Apple Store credit on and ordered it.
Shure Music Phone Adapter
I was eager to try the adapter out with receiving a call in the car, because I assumed the music would fade out, I could use the button to answer the call, and take the call over my car’s speakers with the adapter microphone and not have to use my hands. Of course, this one time I actually wanted people to call me while I was driving, I had to wait several car rides before it happened. When it finally occurred, everything happened like I was expecting and the reception on both ends was perfect.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make handsfree calls with an iPhone and be able to listen to your music at the same time, I suggest this adapter.