Categorically Popular

While looking into the performance of our category pages on AMO for the upcoming Zamboni revamp, I realized we’ve never talked about which categories and browse pages are the most popular. Listed below are the top 15 browse pages by daily pageviews.

Category or Add-on Type Daily Pageviews
Data from January 5, 2010 for en-US only.
* 70,136 pageviews in the Bookmarks category come from the default bookmark in Firefox
1 Themes (add-on type landing page) 85,765
2 Bookmarks (extension category) 81,641*
3 Plugins (add-on type landing page) 70,439
4 Appearance (extension category) 37,971
5 Search Tools (add-on type landing page) 30,111
6 Download Management (extension category) 26,566
7 Modern (theme category) 22,240
8 Privacy & Security (extension category) 21,005
9 Extensions (add-on type landing page) 20,692
10 Dictionaries & Language Packs (add-on type landing page) 20,439
11 Photos, Music, & Videos (extension category) 20,320
12 Alerts & Updates (extension category) 18,891
13 Miscellaneous (theme category) 13,826
14 OS Integration (theme category) 12,628
15 Toolbars (extension category) 11,801

Looking into this data also revealed a few pages that have hideous bounce rates that we should be able to improve with a few tweaks. I’ve started Operation: Gravity to try to reduce these bounces as part of Zamboni.

If you have suggestions for improvements to category pages or notice other gaping holes in AMO metrics we’ve talked about, please feel free to let us know.